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At Horizon CPA Services we understand and respect the need to maintain the privacy of information obtained over the Internet. The following outlines our privacy policy and how we may use statistical and/or personally identifiable information collected via this website.

When you browse through our site, we may collect and store information for statistical purposes. We may collect information on the efficiency and working of our Web site. This information includes the number of times a web page is accessed, the browser used, and paths taken when moving through the Web site, etc.

Collecting Personally Identifiable Information
We may also collect information such as your name, email address, phone number and other information you may submit to us via registration forms within this website. We only use this data to attain a better understanding of how we may assist you with the services you have inquired about and/or contact you with customized information as specified by your preferences. Your information will not in any way be shared with third parties.

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